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Transcending through Trauma with Kyera

Kyera is a stellar example of how one can transcend through trauma. She fully understands the importance of the mind-body connection and how it is key to improving a person’s mental and physical state. Kyera’s keen sense and gifted ability to connect with your spiritual guides will improve your overall health: spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Kyera intuitively tunes into your energy field to sense what is going on in your life and what energy needs to be shifted, cleared, or worked through for you to obtain optimal health. Through personalized energy work, intuitive reading and connecting with your energy field, these sessions will leave you feeling optimistic, lighter, and at peace as you move forward with greater confidence to create the life you desire. “Often times my clients are feeling stress, fatigue, irritable, and/or unhappy, and what I find is that these negative emotions and events drain energy and create blockages within their energy field that need to be cleared. These sessions are like taking a shower; everyone needs one and the ‘cleaner’ you are, the better you’ll feel.”- Kyera Kacey

Cost for one hour: $165

Cost for 90 min: $225