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Everyone cares about their health, physical and mental. But sometimes, there just is not the resources available to take extra care of health. Here at Holistic Harmony, we offer only the best classes, group, programs and sessions that are guaranteed to make a difference to your wellness.


What Our Clients Say About Us

My name is Victor and I recently had a past life regression experience with Kyera…

I came in feeling a bit uncertain as to what was about to take place. I felt that I was carrying around the burden of heavy emotions. I also had a phobia of fire…

She did an amazing job helping me open up and feel comfortable in an unfamiliar situation.

The process itself, was an enormous success! I honestly can’t believe how much better, lighter, and more free I felt in just one session. The amount of healing I was able to experience in that short time is much greater than I ever received in the thousands of dollars of therapy I did a while back.

The technique is astoundingly effective and Kyera personally, has a real passion and talent for it. She was just wonderful and I am a changed person because of her help and guidance... []


I came to Kyera searching for something to believe in. I felt so hopeless and like life would forever be boring and uneventful. I felt creatively blocked and had an overall “meh” feeling about everything. Through past life regression and Reiki I can honestly say I feel 100 times better. I am discovering more about myself and my abilities every day. I see each day as an opportunity to be mindful and enjoy the magic that is around me. Kyera is one of those special souls that just KNOWS you... She helped lift the fog from me and continues to be a guide for me. She gave me the confidence to continue my path, and not just sit on it and feel sorry for myself. I feel so grateful for Kyera and the gifts she shares. If your curiosity has brought you here know you are at the right place. 

LizFerndale, MI

Michelle,  I'm very happy to report that after two reflexology appointments the pain in my sacrum and toe were completely gone and I'm continuing to enjoy that. I was very surprised that even though I don't usually like my feet touched it was soothing despite the tender areas. I actually felt the stress and tension leave my body during the sessions. The neck pillow also rocked.  I also noticed that I felt equally relaxed and energized after each session and that lasted for several days.

Vanna B.Davisburg, MI

My 10 and 12 year old sons enjoy the foot bath detox: and, I think as a result, they are more conscientious about what they eat.

Amy M.Clarkston, MI

Michelle is awesome!  I love going in for reflexology.  It is like getting a massage.  It helps my blood pressure and stress levels significantly.  I like to go every week or two.  She is great!  Try it.

Wendy P.Clarkston, MI

Last year when I ran the Angel's Place Run I had to keep stopping because I was in so much pain. I ran this year's race, after a few sessions with Michelle, without any pain and beat my best time.  I believe it was the foot bath and reflexology that made a difference!

Teresa B.Clarkston, MI

So happy with every result I receive after going to Holistic Harmony. My stress is reduced and I leave always feeling more light and happy. The foot bath makes me more aware of what I put in my body. The foot massage helps with physical and mental pain. Holistic Harmony is the best healthy decision over any...

Hannah L.Clarkston, MI
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Every facet of daily life is aligned with the purpose of nurturing, health, harmony, and spiritual growth and provides a complete experiential education in holistic living.
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Michelle Marie Phaup
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