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Customer Testimonials

My son and I have been seeing Michelle at Holistic Harmony for several years now. We have enjoyed the health benefits of several of the services offered. Michelle is extremely skilled, knowledgeable and caring. Book your appointment now--you will not be disappointed!

Stephanie L - Davison, MI

My experience with Michelle at Holistic Harmony was as close to

miraculous as anything I have experienced. With several EFT rounds Michelle helped me clear away A LOT of negative emotions I've held onto for years. I traveled from PA ,as I felt she would be the best person to help me. It was worth the trip, I can assure you with confidence. After some Reiki and chakra balancing, I felt great. I could literally feel this balance. Michelle's reflexology skills are the best! I had lower back and some shoulder pain upon arrival, and left light as a feather and PAIN FREE!! I don't recall what she called the bed I laid on. It worked my back at an incredible level. I would recommend Michelle to ANYONE. She has a very genuine way about her and makes you feel very comfortable talking about sensitive issues. Michelle's intuition is sharp as a tack as well, as she was spot on with many things she was seeing. Very clean, welcoming environment! 

David A. - Pittsburgh, PA

I can't say enough about this special lady who has helped me from day one of meeting her. I am a cancer survivor and I don't think I would have survived without her. She listens and cares about you as a person! She will customize any service to meet your individual needs. She is a true blessing and will help you whether you are facing an illness or just everyday life! I have had all services and have benefited from them all. So if you are not sure if the holistic way will help?? I say jump right in and try them all your body and mind will tell you what you need! And of course you are in the best hands with Michelle! She has many gifts to share! ENJOY!!!!

Michelle L. - Clarkston, MI

So happy with every result I receive after going to Holistic Harmony. My stress is reduced and I leave always feeling more light and happy. The foot bath makes me more aware of what I put in my body. The foot massage helps with physical and mental pain. Holistic Harmony is the best healthy decision over any medication.
Hannah M. Lohmeier
After our last EFT session I slept great and felt less anxious overall. I think Michelle's help is going to be a key to success for me!
Vanessa G, Royal Oak, MI
Last year when I ran the Angel's Place Run I had to keep stopping because I was in so much pain. I ran this year's race, after a few sessions with Michelle, without any pain and beat my best time.  I believe it was the foot bath and reflexology that made a difference!
Teresa B. Clarkston, MI
I've been seeing Michelle for the Ionic Foot Bath and 1 hour hot stone reflexology twice a month for the past year. I look forward to the sessions after a long four day work week of 12 hour shifts as a nurse.
Tiffany C.  Pontiac, MI
Michelle is awesome!  I love going in for reflexology.  It is like getting a massage.  It helps my blood pressure and stress levels significantly.  I like to go every week or two.  She is great!  Try it.
Wendy P.  Clarkston, MI
I was very happy with the information you gave me about my energy field during a Chakra balancing session. As I mentioned then, I had some previous things going on and the information you provided connected some dots for me and was very helpful for me on multiple levels.  I felt the "balancing"effect of the session. And when you played the harp, well I do not even have the words for that, "outstanding" about sums it up. Since the sessions I have been doing some releasing, some not comfortable at times but necessary for me. I'm very grateful for the healing that has occurred and for your gifts.
p.s. I love the biomat and music.

Vanna B, Davisburg, MI

During a martial arts demonstration I broke a couple of fingers. After one ionic foot detox session I was able to bend my fingers and make a fist without any pain.
Grand Master Joe Sanders. Clarkston, MI
My husband and I were so happy with the results that we decided to purchase a machine through Michelle after we had a package of 5 sessions.

Nancy Phillips. Lake Orion, MI

My 10 and 12 year old sons enjoy the foot bath detox: and, I think as a result, they are more conscientious about what they eat.

Amy Martocci, Clarkston, MI

I scheduled an appointment because I had pain from a kidney infection. My pain went away after my first foot bath. I am sleeping better also.
Lois Sanders, Clarkston, MI

The foot baths help me make it through the allergy season by helping my sinuses clear up and allowing me to breath easier.

Many people in Oakland County, MI
Michelle,  I'm very happy to report that after two reflexology appointments the pain in my sacrum and toe were completely gone and I'm continuing to enjoy that. I was very surprised that even though I don't usually like my feet touched it was soothing despite the tender areas. I actually felt the stress and tension leave my body during the sessions. The neck pillow also rocked.  I also noticed that I  felt equally relaxed and energized after each session and that lasted for several days.
Vanna B, Davisburg, MI 

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